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Community Support Fund 2012-2013



This season, because of generous donations, we have been able to expand our Community Support Fund focus to the support of widows, the elderly, single parent families and the disabled, along with continuing our support of children and education.


Working along with the new Municipal Director of Education, we identified 9 primary and secondary school classrooms who were in need of help.  In January we put together 275 gift bags of basic learning tools such as notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and classroom resources such as calculators, geometry sets, etc.  These were delivered personally to each child and teacher, and were received with many thanks, and in some cases, tears.



In April we gave the same classrooms 500 pesos each to purchase more teachers supplies.    


Additionally, we have been blessed to be able to work with the new DIF director

in our area to once again distribute dispensas (basic non-perishable food items

such as rice, beans, oil, cornmeal, etc.)  160 were distributed in December and

another 150 in March.  We personally delivered them.  Donated items, such as

clothes, shoes, adult diapers, etc. were delivered to the DIF office for

distribution or to be picked up by those in need at their office.



The Community Fundraiser held in February was a great success, raising $65,285 pesos, half of which went to the Community Support Fund and half to the building of a new more secure bodega to store supplies and donated items along with equipment.