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Community Support Fund 2015-2016


This year we have distributed 550 dispensas after Hurricane Patricia.  The dispensas include basic food supplies such as oil, maize flour, oatmeal, rice, and dry beans which are part of the basic diet in this area.


For the first time, the CSF task force gave miscellaneous supplies to 5 needy kindergarten programs in the municipality.  We also distributed 450 individual school supply packages to students in 11 schools (2 large schoold in Cihuatlan, 9 small schools in rural areas).  These schools have been selected by the director of education as being the most needy in the municipality.


We continue to assist and work closely with the local volunteer for the support of cancer victims by providing dispensas and some financial assistance for transportation, etc. for patients to receive chemo treatments.


















The CSF task force is very appreciative of the generosity of folks in responding to request for funds and supplies.  A case in point is the very successful clothing and miscellaneous item 'exchange' event that was held on March 19.  Local needy people were given tickets that they could redeem for articles of used clothing, shoes or other items.  In less than one hour, stacks of clothing went home with happy 'customers'.  Not a single item was left!