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Bible Study

Building Christian Character is a well-thought-out Bible study on aspects of becoming conformed to the image of Jesus (see Romans 8:29) by Paul Anderson. It is a discipleship class for all Christians that is both simple and substantial. Each week there is a topic for discussion with a worksheet completed during the week prior. The topics studied lead the participant to think seriously about specific character traits of Christ and personal application.

The past year participants have laughed, cried, and been challenged and encouraged in their beliefs and conduct. Because our congregation attendance waxes and wanes throughout the snowbird/tourist season, the class is also fluid in attendance. One beauty of this study is that by not attending every week, one misses nothing (except a topic and fellowship).

This study was led by BilliJo, Minister/Author/Coach, www.BilliJoMinistries.com


"In Step With The Spirit"  A 6 week course that ran for several weeks during 2020 was attended by several ladies from the CCC congregation.  The photo below is a group that was still enjoying the area in early spring, finishing their last lesson over a lovely lunch at a local restaurant in Villa Obregon.  Patty Wright has led the women's bible study for the past 3 years.  Those who have attended are very grateful for her guidance.  

Ically begin in January.  The women meet at church and the men at a local restaurant.  Both are held from 10:30 until noon.  In 20


CCC Women's Bible Study Group 2019